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Heat Policy

The Krunchies Heat Policy is to prevent injury, and possible death, from heat illness in Kruncies sessions and activity by assisting, coaches and participants to recognise and manage potentially dangerous heat situations. This policy is in line with Sports Medicine Australia Policy ( for more information click here

The tables below provide approximate guides to weather conditions and appropriate individual and organisational responses.


Ambient temperature

Relative humidity

Risk of thermal injury


Possible modifying action for vigorous sustained activity

15 - 20



Heat illness can occur in distance running. Caution over-motivation.

21 - 25

< 60%

Low - moderate

Increase vigilance. Caution over-motivation.

26 – 30

< 50%


Moderate early pre-season training intensity. Reduce intensity and duration of play/training; take more breaks.

31 – 35

< 30%

High – very high

Limit intensity. Limit duration to less than 60 minutes per session.

36 and above

< 25%


Consider postponement to a cooler part of the day or cancellation.

In line with the above policy above all attempts will be made for a session to proceed howeve client safety is paramount and will not be compromised.

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