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  • Thanks - You changed my Life, you ROCK!


    "Two years ago I mentioned to a friend I wanted to get fit as I had put on a couple of kilos, ok a lot of kilos, and hated the way I was looking and feeling. She told me to come down and check out this boot camp she had been going to. I, like most people, didnt think I would be fit enough but I had run out of excuses so I agreed.
    My first session was one I will never forget  that was the day I realized how unfit I was. After a session of harness training I thought I was going to die and told my friend I was never coming back. I hated every single moment of that class.
    Now I take it all back, Krunchies is the number 1 in outdoor fitness and Greg is the best trainer I have come across.
    Since that first session I have lost 30kg and am in the best shape ever, it has changed my life completely and opened the door to a whole new world of activities I never thought I could be a part of. I have gone from not being able to run 100m to coming 2nd in my first triathlon.
    My training has gone from 2 days a week to 6, even taking one on one sessions to advance my training to another level and specific training for events such as triathlons. All that I have been able to achieve I owe to Krunchies.
    I enjoy the never repeated classes that always challenge no matter how fit you are. The awesome fun, variety and versatility of each session keep you coming back for more.
    Gregs knowledge, training ability and high level of support show in the results he is able to achieve with myself and other clients I have seen come through Krunchies.
    Many thanks Greg you changed my life you rock!"

  • Awesome Training


    "Taking the opportunity to let people know a bit about Krunchies,
    Ive been involved with health and fitness all my life, from playing professional soccer to a member of the Australian Defence Force. As such I have been privy to a plethora of new, revolutionary (yes, once upon a time kettlebells were unheard of) methods of exercise and training.
    As many an enthusiast would understand, it is very difficult to find a training program thats caters for all your needs I.e. strength, endurance, speed, agility. Having actively joined the Krunchies bootcamps for approx 3 months, I can honestly say it is one of the most well-rounded programs I have ever taken part in. It caters for all levels, promotes a good sense of team work while allowing individuals to push themselves according to personal goals.
    The atmosphere is challenging yet friendly.
    Forget the old bench press (unless your planning on being stuck under a fallen tree!!) and embrace functional training that will improve all aspects of your health and fitness.
    Awesome training Greg!!"

  • Keeps things fresh


    As a former world champion water skier I still like to train on the edge. Its really important to me that my workouts are challenging, varied and most of all fun to keep me engaged and coming back. Krunchies has continued to provide me with all of this. Greg is a fantastic trainer, he has great energy, keeps things fresh and most importantly engages everyone in his classes at their level and gives them the workout they want.
    Thanks Greg  love your work!"

  • Challenging and inspiring


    "I was lucky enough to get a firsthand experience of the Krunchies torture in Feb this year.
    On first seeing Greg and the Krunchies van, we nicknamed him the Evil man with a van. There was some serious looking fitness equipment that I was sure wasnt going to be fun! How wrong I was, the sessions were inspiring, challenging and most importantly fun!
    No two work outs were the same, and despite enduring a 2 hour session, the time seemed to fly. On seeing the ropes, many of us were saying you want us to do what??? we were all soon in stitches from the encouragement and descriptions of what we needed to do. I dont think I have ever worked so hard and laughed at the same time. The added bonus is of course the weight loss, which has been kick started and I am down a dress size already!
    I have participated in countless PT sessions and group boot camps, the Krunchies sessions were by far the most challenging and inspiring that I have participated in. I do not hesitate in recommending Greg and the Krunchies Krew to anyone who will listen!"
    - Angela

  • My fitness levels have increased


    "What I enjoy the most about Krunchies bootcamp is the variety of workouts. We train with tyres, ropes, harnesses and weights, just to name a few things. If you are looking for an all over body workout and great results give Krunchies a go. My fitness level has increased and I have lost 5.5kgs since joining (5 weeks ago). The Krunchies Krew know their stuff and the workouts are never boring and go by really fast. If you want a real bootcamp workout give Krunchies a call, they believe in their product so much that the first week is free  so what do you have to lose.
    Outdoors workouts mean there is no gym machine or ceiling to floor mirrors or loud horrible music. We dont attract showpony/phonys, just people who want to get the most from their workout in a great environment."
    - Deanne

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