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Sports Clubs

Krunchies Health & Fitness will design a High Performance Improvement Program that will elevate your club to the next level.

At Krunchies we’re pioneering human performance programs to help your team At achieve more; So your team can defy average.


Krunchies Program Options:

  1. Sports Specific 90 Minute High Intensity Training Sessions;
  2. Adventure Team Work Challenges 4-6 hours;
  3. 12-24 hour Endurance Sessions at remote locations.
  4. Weekend Assault – Remote Locations, 12 Team Mental and Physically Challenging Sessions over weekend.

Take Your Club to the Next level

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Football clubs.....

We can cater for up to 100 players.

Session will involve a dynamic warm-up and a range of strength & conditioning and cardio activities. The players will be pushed to the limits both physically and mentally and it is a great gauge early in the pre-season to see which player is ready to step up for the gruelling year ahead. We will require the club to provide a full-list of attendees with signatures confirming that they have no injuries that will prevent them from participating.

If you have any particular session if mind please let us know what you would like us to include - usually in a 90 minute session we involve warm-up; battling ropes; weights including tyres, kettelbells weighted sandbags and boxing...(and a little attitude adjusting...)

Please find a youtube clip of previous activities of past footy pre-season bootcamps.


Below is a few example of other bootcamps sessions - Krunchies Run.

Options 1 Commando course Approx 6 hours

Physical demanding/ mentally challenging team building day - sort the men from the boys and find out who the future leaders of the club will be. A great day in beautiful surrounds surrounds approx 40 min drive from melb cbd - day starts at 6am sharp - team briefing and warm-up, team split into team teams and will be competing for a prize nominated by club (ie: bar voucher), this ensures the day remain competitive from start to finish - activities will include endurance run (with weights), challenging  and tactical games, team strategic activities where leadership of individuals will be required to complete nominated tasks, team relays, hills sprints, bodyweight endurance events, boxing and team boxing events, tug of war and individual and team time trails events - This day is not for the faint hearted - come prepared or don't come at all! 

Option 2 Jells Park/ Beach (or similar)

Urban jungle warfare - (varying sessions in time from 2-4 hrs) this is an action packed day - individual and team activities - activities include back to basic fitness floggings, brutal workouts where individuals won't survive alone and where talk and encouragement from team mates is paramount - sessions includes cardio and endurance events, time trials, boxing and resistance running and weight-resistance activities - ideal to combine with a team lunch/ or morning training session with a team bonding activity for the afternoon!

Options 3 Overnight options (Wilsons Prom)

In one of the harshest environments possible let this overnight adventure be the beginning of a great season! Teams bond on this trip like no normal training session can, let the sand dunes of the prom prepare young legs for the long season ahead - pack loaded walks, military style beach exercises and the more importantly the fun of such a unique environment to really bond the team - once again find out who the leaders of the club are!

Options 4

Boot camp - 60mins to 90 min duration - get blokes out of the gym - away from the mirrors doing hard-core functional fitness activities - these workouts work, but no-one said they are going to be easy! Sessions include kettle bells, grappling, boxing, sandbags, tyres, endurance and cardio activities!  

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Run sessions suitable for all fitness levels. Beginner, intermediate and advanced runners welcome

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