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Our Team

  • Greg Porter



    Specializing in: Bootcamps, Sporting specific conditioning, Weigh Loss, Functional training, Boxing, Resistance Training, Movement Patterns and Fascia Activation.
    Sporting Highlights: 4 x Ironman , Playing basketball in the USA, ran track and field for Kansas State Championships, and many multisport and endurance events.
    Favourite Exercise: 3d Movement patterns 
    Favourite Workout Song: Welcome to the Jungle by the Gunners
    Favourite Meal: Mash of any kind and red frogs
    Footy Team: The Navy Blues Get on board the Blues Bus or it is going to be a long session! 
    Favourite Thing: My Ipod
    Motto: Fitness is not owned, it's rented - And you have to pay rent every day!!!

  • Melinda Fisher



    Lead Trainer 

    Specializing in: Group outdoor training, Boxing,Functional Training, Weight loss, Nutrition and Food Preperation.
    Sporting Highlights: Top 5 finish Marysville to Melbourne. 2x ironman finished with a top 6 finish in the Malaysia Iron Man (age group) 
    Favourite Exercise/Workout: Triathlon training  (IRONMAN)  and movement patterns 
    Favourite Workout Song: Any thing  the man Michael Buble' and the Hotest girl ever PINK.
    Favourite Meal: Anything i didnt cook 
    Footy Team: The Mightly Bombers
    Motto: Today i Will Do What Others Wont......So Tomorrow I Can Do What Others Cant



  • Vicki Ryan



    Specializing in:

    Bootcamp,Boxing, resistance and functional training,                                              indoor cycle.

    Sporting Highlights: Running Oxfam 100km trail in 17 hours , competting in                                                        3 marathons 
    Favourite Exercise: Spin, running 
    Favourite Workout Song:  Rudimental ( feel the love ), any house/drum and base!
    Favourite Meal: Roast dinner 
    Footy Team: No footy team but Formula 1 team - Williams
    Favourite Thing:  My Staffordshbire bull terrier MONTY
    Motto: the only way to learne is to make mistakes

  • Tim Lane



    Specializing in:  Run Coaching ( beginner)
    Sporting Highlights:  Melbourne Marathon 
    Favourite Exercise/Workout: Running
    Favourite Workout Song: Anything 80's 
    Favourite Meal: Anything cooked by Zara (wife) 
    Footy Team: Essendon
    Motto:  Keep on trying 


  • David Cook



    Specializing in: PT and Run Coach 
    Sporting Highlights: 20 Marathons in 12 months 
    Favourite Exercise/Workout: Movement and muscle activiation 
    Favourite Workout Song: Any motivational talks by Eric Thomas
    Favourite Meal:  All Food 
    Footy Team: Surfing is my passion 
    Motto: How bad do you want it 


  • Matthew Walton


    Specializing in: Bootcamps, Sporting specific conditioning, Weigh Loss, Functional training, Resistance Training.
    Sporting Highlights: Present when Shane Warne made his 700 test match wicket at the MCG, A part of the first Premiership cricket team for craigieburn.
    Favourite Exercise: T Bar rows
    Favourite Workout Song: No easy way out off the Rocky 3 album 
    Favourite Meal: Cant go past a chicken Parma
    Footy Team: The Mighty Brisbane Lions 
    Favourite Thing: My Kids 
    Motto: Don't worry about what you can't control 

  • Beth Whiting



    Specializing in: Bootcamps, group fitness and funstional training
    Sporting Highlights:  Becoming a qualified Body Cobat instructor ( not very sporty) 
    Favourite Exercise: Sumo Squats or Siamese squats
    Favourite Workout Song:  The Hard Road (Restrung)- Hilltop Hoods
    Favourite Meal: Banh Mi
    Footy Team: West Coast Eagles
    Favourite Thing:  My veggie patch 
    Motto: Go Hard or Go Home 

  • Kon Karasavidis



    Specializing in: Strength , Conditioning and Mobility 
    Sporting Highlights: Played elite level soccer 
    Favourite Exercise/Workout: Combat and obsticale course racing 
    Favourite Workout Song: Bring the base 
    Favourite Meal: HFLC
    Footy Team: Carlton
    Motto: Feed the body what it needs in nutrition and movement 


  • Kicker the Kangaroo


    Specializing in: Plyometric exercises
    Sporting Highlights: Relay for life 2011,2012,2014,2015
    Favourite Exercise/Workout: Cross Fit Box Jumps
    Favourite Workout song: Jump around by house of pain
    Fauorite Meal: Grass nd Nuts
    Footy Team: The Kangaroos
    Motto: If you dont fail you are not pushing hard enough. 


    We believe it is a real honour to help people achieve health & fitness goals. Krunchies is a progressive an dynamic fitness company thats strives to be the Numebr 1 Outdoor Fitness provider in Melbourne. All krunchies trainers are passioante about 'Our' product and brand and will always to go the extra mile to exceed our customer expectations. Working for Krunchies and wearing the krunchies kangaroo is something we are very proud of. A lot of hard work has gone into building this awesome business and in return we expect a lot from our staff and trainers. All Krunchies trainers are seriously committed, passionate people that can put on a fitness coaching spectacular by wowing clients at every single session with energy levels that leave clients screaming in pain, smiles on their faces and yelling for more!

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