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Krunchies Difference - About Us

Krunchies Health & Fitness isn’t just your ordinary fitness training group; it’s a way of life. We are a FUN Community based fitness program founded by a team of coaches and trainers dedicated to the principles of functional training that produces results. Krunchies Health & Fitness is a unique outdoor fitness provider that prides itself on creating a training atmosphere that brings out the inner athlete inside of everyone. Krunchies diverse training packages includes bootcamp and 1 on 1 training sessions from 1hour right through to the 3 day corporate and team bootcamp weekends. Other key Krunchies services include: commando training; strength and conditioning programs; team building and corporate team challenges; weight loss and nutrition advice.

We believe that functional training is for everyone, no matter what your current fitness level is or your training background. Krunchies Krew members are as diverse as their goals. We work with children, mothers, executives, endurance competitors, professional athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. Krunchies staff offer a broad range of sport and fitness experience. Our members train with us because they are looking for something different, challenging, more effective than their current programs and the motivation to push them to the next level!

Krunchies Health & Fitness was founded by Greg Porter who had the goal of making exercise a fun, social experience that not only got great results but provided a non threatening, easy going and accessible environment for everyone to enjoy regardless of fitless level. Today our mission is simple, we're here to provide health and fitness education that empowers and inspires happy and healthy communities.

The key to achieving your health and fitness goals is consistency, and making exercise fun goes a long way to ensuring our clients are motivated to jump out of bed in the morning and head down to the park for a great start to the day, or to charge through their afternoons so they can catch a session after work. Our aim is to make exercise the one thing our Krunchies 'Krew' look forward to most in their week. 

Perhaps even more importantly, there is so much misinformation and contradiction around fitness and nutrition, so we're on a mission to re-educate our 'krew' on the scientific facts that are proven to achieve long lasting, healthy results. 


Our Customer Service Philosophy

One of our core values is to provide exceptional, personalised customer service. Really our aim is to provide a personal training experience, within a group training environment. This means plenty of trainers at all classes for that personal touch and plenty of contact outside of training, whether that be additional training programs and advice or detailed nutritional plans, we've got you covered.

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Run sessions suitable for all fitness levels. Beginner, intermediate and advanced runners welcome

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